National Horse Games

National games and entertainments take a great place since ancient times. Traditional horse games are the most loved and revered entertainments.


The Kyz-Kuumay game (“Catch the girl”) was a required part of the wedding ritual in ancient times. It is a raised contest between young men and a woman where the guy has to try to catch up the girl. Trick is that the girl’s horse is much faster than guy’s, and it gets off the mark 5-10 seconds earlier. If the young man catches the girl, then he will get a kiss as a reward. Otherwise, the girl will hit him with a whip. But in any case she will not reject her future spouse.
Horse race called At-Chabysh in Kyrgyz is one of the most popular sport games in Kyrgyzstan. The hardiest horses are chosen for this game because the horse races are held on the long distances within 4 to 50 km. As a reward the winner gets jewelry and cattle. Now to participate in this game, a horse need to be more than 3 years old and the horse rider cannot be younger than 13 years old.