Birds of Prey Festival

Birds of Prey Festival on 15 August 2015

Demonstration of hunting with a Golden Eagle; folklore show; exhibition and sale of handicrafts and souvenirs; tasting of Kyrgyz cuisine in Kok-Sai village (Issyk-Kul Lake). 

Kok-Sai village is located in a high mountainous region (2200 m above sea level) of Ton district, Issyk-Kul province. 243 families live in the village. 

Birds of Prey Festival – Devoted to golden eagles and hawks who are esteemed by Kyrgyz people. Since ancient times, hunters caught young prey birds, took away home, grew up and trained them, hunts on animals (wolves, foxes, marmots, badgers, hares). In the past one such bird of prey could support the small settlement. Since then golden eagles and hawks were highly esteemed, and with them often managed as with family members. The people who are engaged in art of training of birds of prey are called as "Berkutchi" and they are highly esteemed.

Enjoy national fest with us!