Butterfly Tour

Season: June - September
Duration: 21 days
Countries: Kyrgyzstan
Category: Summer
Type: Adventure


Itinerary of the trip:

Day 1: Day of arrival.
Bishkek (760 m ↑) Arrival to Bishkek. Transfer to the hotel, time to have a rest, overnight.

Day 2: Bishkek – Chichkan (265 km,4,5-4 hrs)
Bishkek is the capital, the political, economic and cultural center of Kyrgyzstan. After breakfast short excursion to "Panorama" (30 min. from Bishkek). There are you can meet few types of Sesia. Drive to Chichkan over Sosnovka gorge. B, L & D.

Day 3: Chichkan gorge (2000 m ↑ )
Look at the summer pastures, yurts and herds which will give you a wild impression of the Tien- Shan mountain ranges. The Chichkan gorge covered with green and full of forests lies over the Ala-Bel pass (3175 m ↑) Overnight in tents. B, L & D.

Day 4: Chichkan - Kara-Suu (250 km, 4-4,5 hrs)
Drive to Kara-Suu village. A distinguishing feature of the area is the variety and multitude of flora and fauna. B, L & D.

Day 5: Kara-Suu (1300m ↑)
Kara-Suu is the Sary-Chelek national park’s buffer zone and due to this flora and fauna of many kinds are found there. Overnight in tents. B, L & D.

Day 6: Karasuu - Arslanbob (330 km, 5,5-6 hrs)
On this day we have journey to Arslanbob. Arslanbob is the largest walnut forest in the world. Forest area reaches more than 600 000 hectares. B, L & D.

Day 7: Arslanbob (1600 m ↑)
Arslanbob in Kyrgyz means "King of the Forest“. B, L & D.

Day 8: Arslanbob
In Arslanbob there are many natural attractions, including the Holy Sea (Kol-Mazar), Mount Babash-Ata, large and small waterfalls and beautiful caves. B, L & D.

Day 9: Arslanbob - Gulcha (280 km, 4,5-5 hrs)
Drive to Gulcha. This is a village in south of Kyrgyzstan. The village lies in a valley where three rivers meet to form the river Kurshab. B, L & D.

Day 10: Gulcha (7582 m ↑)
Highway Pamir Highway, which connects the city of Osh with the cities of the Republic of Tajikistan, passes through the village Gulcha.

Day 11: Gulcha - Urumbash (350 km, 5,5-6 hrs)
Drive to Urumbash. This is a mountain pass in the south of Kyrgyzstan.

Day 12: Urumbash (3075 m ↑)
This is also a day for productive work. Urumbash lies at the height of 3075 meters above sea level.

Day 13: Urumbash - Tash-Rabat (420 km, 7-7,5 hrs)
Drive to Tash-Rabat. Tash-Rabat is located in the southern part of the mountain range At-Bashi (part of the Tien-Shan), the "celestial mountains" on 3105 m ↑, the following the course of a branch of the Silk Road around the 80 km away. Overnight in tents. B, L & D.

Day 14: Tash-Rabat (3000 m↑)
Tash-Rabat is a well-preserved former, dating from the 15th year century caravanserai in the district At-Bashi area Naryn in the Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia. The name means "stone hostel". B, L & D.

Day 15: Tash-Rabat - Kadjyrty (200 km, 3,5-4 hrs)
Drive to Kadjyrty. It is the only river from 18 small rivers that pour out of alpine lake Son-Kul, the largest fresh water lake in Kyrgyzstan. Overnight in tents. B, L & D.

Day 16: Kadjyrty - Ukok Gorge (170 km, 2,5-3 hrs)
After breakfast continue the tour and cross the Ukok gorge. Not far from the gorge situated lake Kol-Ukok which attracts different types of flora and fauna. B, L & D.

Day 17: Ukok Gorge (3845 m ↑)
From the top of the mountain can be a panorama of several lakes (Kolukok, Issyk-Kul, Son-Kul, and Arakol) to see. You will enjoy the beauty of alpine peaks and clean air and water. B, L & D.

Day 18: Ukok gorge – Turgen Ak Suu gorge (320 km, 5,5-6 hrs)
Trip to Turgen Ak-Suu gorge. Here flows the river with the same name. In Turgen Ak-Suu you can go hiking and enjoy the beauty of nature. B, L & D.

Day 19: Turgen Ak Suu gorge – Kemin (1400-2800 m ↑) (400 km, 6,5-7 hrs)
Drive to Kemin. The State National Park “Chon-Kemin” with its unique representatives of fauna entered in the Red Book.

Day 20: Kemin - Bishkek (190 km, 3-3,5 hrs)
Drive to Bishkek. After such a long trip you can rest, recover, and prepare for departure.

Day 21: Departure
After breakfast, transfer to the airport for the return flight home.



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